The Firm's attorneys have handled product defect litigation for both the plaintiffs and defendants.  The following are examples of product defect litigation handled by the Firm's attorneys:

  • Michael L. Kirby represented the tuna boat captain who was a passenger in a helicopter crash into the Western Pacific. The boat captain alleged that there was a product defect with the helicopter that caused the crash.  Kirby was able to secure a verdict of $3,036,000 for the captain.
  • Jason M. Kirby successfully defended a national gasoline distributor against multi-million dollar damages claims against product defect claims tied to its role as a distributor of gasoline containing benzene.  Kirby was successful in obtaining summary adjudication and gutting the plaintiff's damage claims.  Thereafter, the case settled for a nominal amount. 
  • Jason M. Kirby defended a national gasoline distributor in a case arising out of allegations that the driver of a commercial truck was injured as a result of a defective loading arm at  its San Diego terminal.  The case was resolved for a walk-away settlement. 
  • Jason M. Kirby has defended several companies in the superior courts of both Oakland and San Francisco relating to product defect allegations regarding the inclusion of asbestos in building materials.