The Firm's attorneys have handled many unfair competition and antitrust matters which have included cases based on allegations of violations of the California Cartwright Act, The Federal Sherman and Clayton Acts, and/or California Unfair Completion Act (Business and Professions Code §17200 et seq.), and false advertising (Business and Professions Code § 17500 et seq.).  

The following are just a few examples of antitrust/unfair competition litigation handled by the Firm's attorneys:

  • Michael L. Kirby defended Enron, and its height and before its public demise, against unfair competition and antitrust allegations, including Enron's defense against the California Senate's contempt proceedings.  
  • Michael L. Kirby and Jason M. Kirby defended a national broker-dealer against unfair competition claims.  In a 7 week jury trial, Michael L. Kirby obtained a complete defense verdict, defeating all damage claims for more than $30 million.  
  • Jason M. Kirby defended a former Navy Seal, turned entrepreneur, against unfair competition and trade secret claims brought by his former employer to restrict his ongoing creative efforts based on the contract he signed with his former employer.  After successfully defending his client against his former employer's attempt to obtain a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, the case was resolved for a mere walk-away settlement.